Coaching Services


Communication Options


A variety of communication options are available to suit your personality and schedule:
  • Online Session
    • Skype Video for the "face-to-face" experience
    • Skype Voice-Only or Telephone for less intrusive but personal coaching. 
    • Chatting for more anonymous but immediate feedback
  • Offline Session
    • Email for a more thoughtful and less personal coaching process.
  • Face-to-Face
    • For clients in The Netherlands
Client calling

Coaching Process

Free Consult Session

This is a free 20 minute discussion about you and your life:
  • What do you want to learn, change, or achieve?
  • What are your priorities?
  • What can you expect from me?
Book your free consult session now here.
During the consult session we will agree your priorities - and you can then book coaching sessions to get started (see below).

Coaching Sessions

The Coaching process is interactive, not just a one-way process. Your commitment and willingness to learn, see the world and yourself in new ways, and act differently is the best predictor of success!
Typically 4-8 sessions are required depending on the complexity of your goals.

1. Before a Session
  • The Client contacts the Coach (Skype, Phone, Chat).
  • Please call on time as there may another Client straight after you.
2. During a session
  • Review Progress
  • Work on Client priorities
  • Agree actions and goals for coming period
3. Between Sessions
  • Coach mails agreed action plan
  • Client works on agreed action plan (read, think, act)
  • Client & Coach mail as required with questions and ideas  

Investment Cost

The modest cost of investing in yourself for a lifelong return is as follows:
  • Initial Consult   (20 minutes)       - free here
  • Single Session  (55 minutes)       - 90 USD
  • Four Sessions  (4 x 55 minutes)  - 81 USD per Session (10% discount)     
        Book your Coaching Sessions below (Euro and GBP rates also available)
On average one offline session for Email covers 2-3 mail responses from myself, but this does vary depending on complexity of the subject matter and the questions you raise.
The cost of online sessions includes our action plan and emails between sessions as required to confirm actions and address any queries you may have.
All cllients receive a free copy of "The Adventurer's Companion - A practical guide to Life Change". The book contains invaluable information on becoming more effective and changing your life, and the action plans we agree in the coaching sessions will often contain assignments based on content in the book.

Book Coaching Sessions

Below you can select and book your investment in yourself:
  • Single or Four Sessions (Discount)
Invest In You - USD
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Invest In You - EURO
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Invest In You - GBP
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Dutch-speaking clients please go here for local language services.

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