Your Life Challenges


Recognize yourself in the thoughts and questions below?

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Discover yourself


I hold myself back in life - why do I act and feel this way?

How can I relate better to other people?

Why do I have so little passion, energy, and vitality?

What will give me true enjoyment and fulfillment in life?

What makes me unique?



Free yourself


My emotions prevent me from enjoying life and achieving my dreams (such as anxiety, guilt, anger, shame, inferiority, and shyness).

My behaviour stops me from reaching my goals (such as lack of perseverance, delaying, and addiction to short-term pleasures).

Problems in my personal life or at work are weighing me down.

I lack confidence and find it difficult to be assertive.

I avoid conflict and fear the disapproval of others.

I avoid change and risk - even when its in my best interest.

I am often stressed and worry about my health.

I live my life as others expect me to - I feel like an imposter.



Steer your ship


I feel like I am drifting, I have no control over my life.

Im stuck I need to break the pattern of my life, but how?

Im not in harmony with the life I lead I get no energy from life.

I never achieve my life dreams they just fade away.

I don't know what I want from life - I have no goals.

Im trapped by comfort...nothing is wrong, but nothing is great either.

I need help to see the choices I have.

I always see problems rather than solutions and chances.

I don't know which path to take, I can't make a decision.

I can't find balance in my life.

Im always on the run - I have no time to think, no peace.

My life is chaos I have no time for things that matter to me.




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