Coaching Mission


Patrick’s Mission – a legacy to you from Coaching


Every Coach has a different Mission based on their passion and background.


My Mission in Life Coaching and Personal Effectiveness Coaching is to help you find enjoyment and fulfillment today (irrespective of what life throws at you), whilst effectively striving towards your goals for tomorrow.



Your legacy from Coaching will be the ability to get the most out of your life every day, and to pursue all your future goals more effectively. I will teach you to coach yourself, so you can carry on the good work after our partnership ends!

Coaching is an investment in you for the rest of your life.

Coaching Investment


Enjoy today

  • Take control of your thinking, emotions, and actions

  • Address emotions that needlessly interfere with your enjoyment of life today (such as anxiety, guilt, anger, inferiority, shyness, and shame)

  • Reduce your stress levels, improve your health, and increase your vitality
  • Manage your life balance to get more quality time with friends and family as well as your career
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Effectively Strive for tomorrow

  • Understand yourself and what will bring meaning and happiness to your life
  • Stop drifting and take control of your life - both personal and career-wise.
  • Clarify and effectively pursue life goals that are truly important to you
  • Learn to accept risk and pursue beneficial change.

  • Learn the art of perseverance to reach your goals.

  • You are fallible and life will not always give you what you want… Learn to be flexible, hardy, realistic, and accepting of yourself, others, and life in general….to take the rough with the smooth and keep moving.

  • Learn critical life skills (such as assertiveness, effective communication, self-management, balancing short and long-term goals, and problem-solving).

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