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Below you will find comments from some of my clients at the end of the coaching process. 


These are people just like you who have improved their lives in a short period of time by taking action. We can all benefit from professional support and advice at certain times in our lives. Getting advice and support is a sign of strength, not weakness!

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Anxiety and Stress at work - IT Professional
"I had problems at work worrying about my performance and what others would think of me. Certain managers were also giving me a hard time. Patrick was very supportive and helped me to see that I had a lot of control over the situation. He helped me to see that my anxiety was mostly created by myself and he helped me to become less stressed by thinking differently about myself and other people.
Patrick really gave me insights so I can help myself in the future. I am Indian myself, and it really helped that Patrick has a lot of experience with people from my culture and background".
Low Self-Esteem, Lack of Self-Discipline - Teenage student 
My daughter was in her GCSE year at school and had long standing issues with her self confidence in relation to both her friendships and also in her academic ability.  The school was so concerned that we were asked to seek outside help which brought us into contact with Patrick.  Following an initial meeting with Patrick, during which we discussed the issues that needed to be addressed and our long term goals,  my daughter agreed to see him on a weekly basis over a period of 3 months..  She felt very much at ease during the sessions and was able to be completely open with Patrick.   The sessions were definitely a highlight of her week.

She benefited enormously from the sessions and we saw a significant improvement in her self confidence.  This shift in attitude was also noted by the school.  Her attitude to her school work prior to seeing Patrick was very fatalistic; she very much believed that it was better to be seen to have made no effort and then fail than to be seen to have tried and then subsequently fail.  Having failed most of her mock GCSE's prior to her sessions with Patrick, she then went on to pass the majority of them, achieving a couple of A's and the rest B's.  The sessions with Patrick have definitely laid down some concrete foundations for my daughter and she has started her 'A'-level course on a much more secure and positive footing.  She has also become far more proactive and confident in her friendships. 
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