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Deep down most of us want to change, to experience, to create, to give, to make more of our talents, dreams, and relationships. So why donít we?
The Adventurerís Companion will answer this question for you, and at the same time provide a practical life guide for navigation, action, and personal change.  

The book is your essential companion on the road to improving yourself and your life. 


The book is distilled from years of coaching training, experience, and personal insights.


The book is lavishly illustrated - with over 400 pages packed full of unique insights, exercises, examples, and practical advice.

  The Adventurer's Companion - Book Cover
The "Adventure Map" depicted below  is a key tool in the book which will help you define and attain your dreams and goals, and effectively address the obstacles on your path.
Adventure Map
In particular, the book will really help you when things are going badly "on the road".
This is NOT a coffee-table book of life change with a few concepts and a few lists but no follow-upÖ but a book that covers all aspects involved in change and acting effectively to get what you want.

The Companion will help you keep moving and growing when the going gets tough in your life - and in particular to understand and address your own ineffective thoughts, emotions, and actions.      

The book is free to my coaching clients as an essential guide to life navigation and personal effectiveness. Contents of the book are often used as reference material or exercises for clients to help them become more self-aware and develop behavioural and life skills.
Effective Life Outcome Criteria
If you wish to read the book to enrich and change your life, but are not yet a coaching client, you can "invest in yourself" by purchasing the book here.

I would be very pleased to hear your feedback and experiences after reading the book and applying it to your life!

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