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  • Oxford University MA 
  • Business & IT Background
  • Advanced CBT Certification
  • Author of Life Change Book
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  • Global Cultural Experience
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Welcome to PG Coaching.

Do you recognize some of your dreams and desires above?
Then you are in the right place to take action NOW.

What will Coaching give you?

Gold Investment Coaching is an investment in yourself that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

You can find my coaching mission for my clients 
here and review client testimonials here.
Life Coaching is concerned with discovering meaning in your life. What kind of person am I? What should the direction of my life be? What really matters to me? What will bring fulfilment to my life and make me happy? Powerful questions, analysis, and an open mind on your part will bring clarity.
Personal Effectiveness Coaching deals more with how you live your daily life - to ensure you actually reach the goals and the life that you choose for yourself. How can I address emotional and behavioural blocks such as anxiety, depression, procrastination, and avoidance of change? How can I become better at what I do? How can I organise myself better? How can I become more succesful?
Improving your Personal Effectiveness requires both being effective (thoughts, feelings, behaviour), and acting effectively (skills such as planning and carrying out tasks necessary for your important goals, communicating effectively, being assertive in pursuit of your goals, and effectively dealing with conflict and difficult situations).
It is not enough to discover what you want from life, you will also need to act effectively in order to get there!

How I will help you

My name is Patrick Geever.
I am an experienced Life Coach and Personal Effectiveness Coach - and hold Advanced Certification in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy.
It gives me great satisfaction providing coaching clients with the insight and tools to help them to become happier and more effective in their lives.

Working together we will resolve your life questions and improve your personal effectiveness in a clear, structured manner based on your challenges, goals, and dreams. At all times YOU will determine the priorities and decide what is important to you. You can review the coaching process and services offered here (includes 10% discount offer). 
Coach Patrick

Free Book on Effective Life Change

I am the author of "The Adventurer's Companion", a practical guide to Life Change. The book is distilled from my years of experience as Coach and Therapist.
The book will help you "map" your future, and to effectively address obstacles on your path.

The book is supplied free of charge to clients as part of the coaching process.  
The Companion Book Cover

My Experience - YOUR Asset

I am English, married with two teenage children, and live in The Netherlands. In addition to my Coaching experience, I have worked with some of the the leading lights in the cognitive-behavioural field whilst training for Advanced Certification as a Therapist (including Windy Dryden - Professor of Counselling at Goldsmiths in London). My background in this area is particularly useful when helping clients to change ineffective thinking patterns, emotions, and behaviours.
Before becoming a Personal Effectiveness and Life Coach, I worked and travelled all over the world, particularly in Asia, and ran a succesful IT business. I gained broad experience of many cultures and their associated personal challenges. For example, I worked for a number of years in Saudi Arabia, and also have ten years experience working side-by-side with Indian and other Asian nationals on Global Business IT projects for companies such as Philips. I have also worked extensively in the UK, USA, and The Netherlands - and I am fluent in Dutch as well as English.
My long experience in Coaching, Therapy, business, family life, relationships, and many global cultures is your gain when you come to me for coaching. I have also been through the change process myself - questioning my life, addressing my own ineffective behaviours, and starting new careers. I understand your world, the challenges you face, and your desire for change.   

Recognize Your Life Challenges?

 Understand yourself

 discover yourself

I hold myself back in life - why do I act and feel this way?

Why do I have so little passion, energy and vitality?

What will give me true enjoyment and fulfillment in life?


Free yourself


free yourself

My emotions prevent me from enjoying life...

My behaviour prevents me from reaching my goals...

I am often stressed and worry about my health.


Steer your ship


steer your course

I feel like I am drifting, I have no control over my life.

I never achieve my life dreams - they just fade away.

I am not in harmony with the life I lead.


More of your life challenges here


Together we will find answers and solutions. 


Advantages of Online & Telephone Coaching

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  • Get the best Coach - wherever you are.
  • Arrange sessions flexibly to suit your schedule.
  • No need to travel - coaching from home or office.
  • Communication is free with an internet connection.
  • Unbiased, non-judgemental, and completely confidential. 
  • Discreet - Delicate issues can be kept private from family and business.
  • Variety of communication options to suit your personality and schedule. 
  • nb: Face-to-Face coaching is available in The Netherlands

How to start improving your life NOW

Two heads are better than one.
Get in touch with me for a free discussion about you and your future.
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